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Wednesday 27th May 2015  
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  it's time to say merry christmas4.002008-12-15
  Don't expect too much of Christmas Day.4.002008-12-15
  It's Christmas again5.002008-12-15
  Jingle bells Jingle bells what fun it is to wish our friends a very merry christmas4.502008-12-15
  Merry Christmas: The more of your heart's possessing0.002008-12-15
  Merry christmas to all5.002008-12-15
  Have an ideal Christmas;0.002007-12-22
  Christmas Sms:If one night a big fat0.002007-12-22
  Christmas Sms:Can I have your picture,0.002007-12-22
  Christmas Sms:Lets welcome the year5.002007-12-22
  Christmas Sms:()"""() ,*0.002007-12-22
  Christmas Sms:May all the sweet magic0.002007-12-22
  Christmas Sms:Ur friendship is a4.002007-12-22
  Christmas Sms:Two things upon this0.002007-12-22
  Christmas sms:Christmas may be many things5.002007-12-22
  MERRY CHRISTMAS..4.002007-12-21
  chirstmas song lyrics:Jingle bell, jingle bell5.002007-12-21
  Merry chirstmas sms4.002007-12-21
  Chirstmas sms:Self belief makes all things possible0.002007-12-21
  Every thing new for this new year 20080.002007-12-21
  New year 2008 sms0.002007-12-21
  Nepali chunab ra chirstmas0.002007-12-21
  Merry Chirstmas sms:joy and peace of Christmas0.002007-12-21
  sabaitira Christmasko lahar0.002007-12-21
  Christmaslai syagat garau0.002007-12-21
  Christmasko abasarma0.002007-12-21
  Christmasko abasarma0.002007-12-21
  MERY CHRISTMAS0.002007-12-21
  the year again0.002007-12-18
  all your days be merry0.002007-12-18
  Merry Christmas3.002007-12-18
  happiness in your life0.002007-12-18
  Christmas be also as special & unique0.002007-12-18
  HAPPY NEW YEAR20080.002007-12-16
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