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Tuesday 26th May 2015  
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  welcome the new morning4.382009-09-21
  Step by step5.002009-02-22
  Step by step4.002009-01-26
  GOLDEN RAY OF THE SUN4.252009-01-26
  Wishing my friendly inner voice a very happy birthday5.002009-01-26
  special day a costly affair!!!!4.502009-01-26
  blessings on ur BIRTHDAY0.002009-01-26
  Have a great birthday3.002009-01-26
  Nice feeling when you know that someone likes you4.802009-01-26
  god said a gem is going to be born0.002009-01-26
  someone never ever forgets your birthday3.672009-01-26
  someone likes you0.002009-01-26
  Great! Happy Birthday4.752008-12-30
  HAPPY BIRTHDAY4.072008-12-17
  HAPPY BIRTHDAY5.002008-12-17
  HAPPY BIRTHDAY5.002008-12-17
  HAPPY BIRTHDAY4.672008-12-17
  HAPPY BIRTHDAY4.502008-12-17
  HAPPY BIRTHDAY0.002008-12-17
  HAPPY BIRTHDAY0.002008-12-17
  HAPPY BIRTHDAY3.002008-12-17
  HAPPY BIRTHDAY4.002008-12-17
  colours of balloons0.002008-11-13
  as sweet as4.002008-11-13
  never ever forgets0.002008-11-13
  a year more0.002008-11-13
  HAPPY BIRTH DAY4.002008-11-13
  HAPPY BIRTH DAY4.922008-11-13
  HAPPY BIRTH DAY0.002008-11-13
  HAPPY BIRTH DAY0.002008-11-13
  Birthday:full of money.5.002008-01-14
  Great Birthday3.332008-01-14
  Somebody up there Loves you3.332007-07-28
  Apun wishing you a wonderful,3.672007-07-28
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