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Saturday 30th May 2015  
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  Dashain sms sampurna saathibhai3.882011-10-04
  Dashain sms utsaha, umanga3.332011-10-04
  Dashain sms dashain aaisakyo4.002011-10-04
  Dashain sms aayo dashain dhol bayai4.002011-10-04
  Dashain sms To Think The Things4.002011-10-04
  Dashain sms People Say4.002011-10-04
  Dashain sms Somebody is thinking of you.4.672011-09-30
  Dashain sms Moon said to me3.002011-09-30
  Dashain sms May the angels protect U..5.002011-09-30
  Dashain sms I wish for your happiness4.502011-09-30
  Dashain sms Never say u r happy when u r sad.3.002011-09-30
  Dashain sms Every sunset gives us2.002011-09-30
  Dashain sms aayo dashain0.002011-09-30
  Dashain sms Jagar dine jamara3.002011-09-30
  HAPPY DASHAIN5.002011-09-28
  Dashain sms Best Wishes for Dashain3.922011-09-28
  HAPPY DASHAIN.4.832011-09-28
  HAPPY DASHAIN5.002011-09-28
  HAPPY DASHAIN0.002011-09-28
  HAPPY DASHAIN4.002011-09-28
  happy dashain & deepawali3.732009-09-26
  Dashain smsखुसिनै खुसि बास होस4.102009-09-23
  Dashain sms Happy Vijaya Dashami2.502009-09-22
  Dashain sms शुभ दशैं4.002009-09-22
  Dashsin sms २०६६ को दशैं पनि आयो4.202009-09-22
  Dashain sms शुभकामना शुभकामना शुभकामना !!!4.532009-09-22
  Dashain sms Happy vijaya dashami 20066.4.402009-09-17
  Dashain sms Lie aayo sara khusi Dashain hamro sajha4.232009-09-16
  Dashain sms Manokamana pura hos chitaye jasai.4.202009-09-16
  Dahain sms उमङगले भरोस तिम्रो यो वर्षको दशैं ।3.652009-09-16
  Dashain sms वडादशैंको शुभकामना सबैसामु राख।3.892009-09-16
  Dashain sms Yehi chha mero kamana3.222009-09-14
  Dashain sms BIJAYA DASHAMIKO 2066 को शुभकामना5.002009-09-14
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