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Saturday 30th May 2015  
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Sms Rating Date
  ek machade2.332009-07-12
  Newspaper Mein News pada ki3.402009-05-24
  april fool praonk: Can't Close It3.502009-03-29
  april fool prank in computer: Disappearing Desktop0.002009-03-29
  computer prank in april fool-15.002009-03-29
  Why was the name "P.M.S." chosen ?2.502009-02-09
  Q: Why was the leper caught speeding?4.002009-01-20
  I'm late for work because the train driver had an out of body2.002009-01-20
  Gardener: This is a dogwood tree.0.002009-01-05
  Why do farts smell?4.002008-12-28
  Important slogan to life for conservation0.002008-12-28
  Try Follow in it U will avoid many problems2.502008-12-18
  "Please ring bell for assistant"0.002008-09-17
  Mundre take a photograph5.002008-09-08
  Misconcept for the "Order"0.002008-09-08
  Mundre was drawing money from ATM5.002008-09-05
  HOW TO PUT DOWN0.002008-09-05
  what an insult0.002008-09-05
  मुन्द्रेकी श्रीमतीले एउटा मेसेज पठाई3.432008-09-03
  Mundre shoot his wife on his wedding night!5.002008-09-03
  computer jokes0.002008-08-31
  The best way of saving money is to forget0.002008-08-29
  A beautiful girl goes to Professor cabin3.002008-08-07
  A preacher approached Mundre lying in the gutter0.002008-07-30
  How To Become A Millionaire2.502008-07-22
  I was afraid that you would find the $200 hidden in my shoe4.002008-07-22
  HUMANS fall in love, that's normal0.002008-07-22
  गाउँ खाने कथा3.502008-07-20
  गाउँ खाने कथा3.002008-07-20
  मुनदरेले १०९८ मा फोन गर्न सक्दैन3.002008-07-20
  Doctor & Businessman0.002008-07-16
  IN A YEAR 365 DAYS DREAMT U5.002008-07-14
  bull can only do it0.002008-07-13
  YOU HAVE NO BRAIN0.002008-07-11
  april fool5.002008-07-06
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