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Sunday 24th May 2015  
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Sms Rating Date
  Doctors fee?3.502009-08-25
  Indian Banks;4.502009-03-08
  Dear Friend,4.002009-03-03
  Wives r incoming calls,3.002009-03-03
  Never Make the Same Mistake Twice...3.332009-03-01
  A fat lady is lying on the beach.2.002009-02-23
  Whats six inches long, has a head on it and drives women wild ?1.002009-02-09
  Why are women like parking spaces?0.002009-01-20
  This sms can only be read by a SEXY person: Try again......0.002009-01-20
  What do you get if you cross an Irishman with a German?0.002009-01-20
  Q. What do you call a white man surrounded by 100 Nepalese?1.002009-01-17
  If the Comedy Store did an evening of wheelchair bound comedians, would it still be stand up?0.002009-01-17
  definition of bachelor0.002009-01-17
  TO LIVE A LIFE ONE NEEDS3.502009-01-12
  Your smile can be compared to a flower,4.502009-01-06
  Got a whole Channel on your name0.002008-12-30
  The fluffy clouds may kiss the sky,0.002008-12-28
  ☻ NAKED3.802008-12-28
  you're made by god in leisure5.002008-12-21
  i am the best accept it4.002008-12-21
  Press down2.002008-11-26
  "LUV ANIMALS"4.002008-11-26
  But The meeting hasn't started0.002008-11-26
  i chased love i found0.002008-11-26
  u r very sentimental5.002008-11-26
  Hello DEAR0.002008-11-26
  YOU are very cute0.002008-11-26
  I want to kill the2.002008-11-26
  I believe u so much0.002008-11-26
  i need a brain0.002008-11-26
  u r a donkey0.002008-11-26
  When I was born0.002008-11-26
  SORRY.... SORRY.... SORRY0.002008-11-26
  AM I CUTE?0.002008-11-26
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