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Friday 22nd May 2015  
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Sms Rating Date
  F*** Teacher2.572009-10-10
  B4 u Speak-listn4.672009-03-08
  ur smile can be compared to a flower3.002009-03-03
  just try it...4.332009-02-27
  Positive-thinking poem:4.672009-02-23
  What do computers do when they are hungry?4.002009-02-21
  Phool-Khushboo ke liye,4.002009-02-16
  rani: U know mam, my mother fears a lot while crossing a road!3.332009-02-07
  my joy5.002009-02-01
  yes dear4.502009-02-01
  Marriage is like pi - natural, irrational, and very important. - Lisa0.002009-02-01
  funny sms saying3.502009-02-01
  saying about marriage4.252009-02-01
  Don't be sad... don't feel blue...4.002009-01-20
  Don't be sad... don't feel blue...5.002009-01-20
  Viagra now available in eye drops,0.002009-01-20
  i've got the ship, you've got the harbor ...4.002009-01-20
  What's pink, wrinkled and hangs oot yer trousers???0.002009-01-20
  Its Takes A Minute 2 Know Someone0.002009-01-12
  If I were to be anything in this world?.3.002009-01-12
  Only the open heart receives luv,0.002009-01-07
  Only the open heart receives luv,0.002009-01-06
  Dream, Believe n Care5.002008-12-18
  Thats why I Love You0.002008-12-02
  Cherish such memories0.002008-11-26
  Hardest moments5.002008-11-26
  keep smiling0.002008-11-26
  if the love loves u0.002008-11-26
  Heart speaks more ..................3.002008-11-26
  So simple5.002008-11-26
  ur paths have crossed0.002008-11-26
  the best couple in this universe0.002008-11-26
  Good Life...0.002008-11-26
  Life is like a piano4.002008-11-25
  Value of relation0.002008-11-11
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