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Sunday 24th May 2015  
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  WASTING YOUR TIME3.002009-01-20
  Always ask GOD to give you what you deserve, not what you desire..2.002009-01-18
  People live People die People Laugh4.002009-01-12
  Whenever u feel low always remember:3.502009-01-07
  da poorest man on earth is not0.002008-12-24
  past, present and future0.002008-12-18
  A WOUNDED WARRIOR is superior than A HEALTHY COWARD0.002008-12-18
  a full-time mother is one of the highest salaried jobs0.002008-09-24
  Never search your happiness in others0.002008-09-15
  6 rules to be HAPPY:3.672008-08-07
  View a negative experience in your life5.002008-08-01
  cigarette smoking will shorten your days0.002008-07-30
  You sure look depressed, a fellow said to Mundre.0.002008-07-29
  Mundre complained to the doctor about the size of his bill.0.002008-07-29
  You need new glasses0.002008-07-20
  Doctor my son has swallowed my pen0.002008-07-20
  SWEET - COTTON CANDY? NOPE0.002008-07-14
  Save The World3.002008-07-14
  Life without u is impossible0.002008-07-14
  GET WELL SOON !!!0.002008-03-03
  Let's go, get up,0.002007-08-09
  May u may not get well that soon.3.002007-08-09
  Heard that you"re not feeling5.002007-08-09
  I very well know the4.502007-08-09
  Early in da morning0.002007-08-09
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