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Good Family Relationship !!

By: admin


Good family relationship is more than just than just enjoyable for their own sake.They make chidren feel secure and loved , and that helps in child's brain develop.And putting in time to improve the relationships you share with your child and other family members can help to overcome difficulties with eating,sleeping,learning and behaviour:


  • Use time together,such as meal times, to talk and share a laugh.
  • Have one-on-one  chats with each family member to build and strengthen individual relationships.
  • Do fun things together as a family on a regular basis.
  • Make decisions together about what to do for a special events such as birthdays.


  • Talk about everything (even difficult things)
  • Listen with full attention with each other.
  • Make it OK  to talk about feelings (even the bad ones).
  • Encourage each other with praise rather than being critical.
  • Work together to solve problems.
  • Disciple with love,patience,and understanding.
  • Show appreciation,love and encouragement through love and affectionate.


  • Include older children in decisions about things like household rules and family holidays.
  • Share household chores.
  • Think about everyone's need when planning family activities.
  • Let children make some of their own decisions.
  • Create rules around the house that apply to everyone.


  • Take an interest in each other's lives.
  • Include everyone in a conversation when talking about the day's event.
  • Support each other in important events such as sports days and school concerts.
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