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1) DEFINE WHAT HAPPINESS IS TO YOU: We hear people all the time say that they want to be happy but when we ask them what happiness is to them they have hard to  explaining it.If you don't know what happines is to you, than the most it will be is a thought or an idea.As soon as you define what it is then you have something to work towards in your life.

2) SET GOALS: If you know what makes you happy than you need to set goals to reach those things.Don't just day that you will be happy if certain things happens in your life ; begin to set goals that will help to bring it in your life.Nothing comes to those  that want,only to those that make it come.

3) DON'T DO THINGS THAT MAKE YOU UNHAPPY: This may seem you very obvious but you would be surprised how many people choose jobs,relationships,and things that make them unhappy.If you want happiness in your life than you have to choose to bring things in your life that make you happy.If you hate your job,go out and find one that is great fit for you and will make you happy doing it.Is ther greatness inside you but you don't know how to achieve it?Find your greatness.

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